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SaiWei machinery is located in Guangzhou of China, is a set of coating tape machine, Slitter, cutting machine, packing machine, bubble film making machine, bag making machine and other mechanical research and development, production and sales of integrated production enterprise.
Our has first-class manufacturing technology and high-quality technology research and development team, a sound after-sales installation, www.zlylo2o.commissioning team, strong technical force, environmental protection and energy conservation, plastic machinery, renewable resources, recycling technology development, the results quite abundant, China Machinery Industry Association member units , China's outstanding scientific and technological innovation enterprises, high-quality private enterprises in Guangdong Province and the honorary title.

Founded tape factory, attractive prospects, market forever
A one-time investment, return generous

       Adhesive tape is a traditional industry, each household need to use tape manufacturers can not do without adhesive tape. With the rapid growth of market economy, tape market demand is also growing, according to the "Chinese packaging newspaper" [news] industry report, 2006 China tape production and sales volume of about 12 billion, the market prospect is very broad, is Unlimited Business Opportunities.

      Every family has a few tapes, the national various provinces and cities have large (such as tape, foam tape, masking tape, electrical tape, stationery tape) wholesale market, meet the eye everywhere building materials store, hardware store, food shops, daily Stationery stores and supermarkets are sold with gum, so the tape with us life. With the rapid development of China's economy, fast paced to increase the pace of all walks of life. In particular, the rapid development of the packaging industry, packaging constantly updated to add a lot of luster to the product. Adhesive tape (also known as sealing tape) is a new type of packaging materials, it is not only fast, beautiful, but also with security features, so that the product has increased the cultural atmosphere. Adhesive tape is widely used in food, medicine, cigarettes, wine, household appliances, daily chemical packaging boxes, such as sealing, as well as decorative arts and crafts, closed doors and windows, etc.. In a word, all cartons need this tape. According to a large and medium-sized food production enterprises, the annual use of the cost of sealing tape around one million yuan. The use of large and medium-sized cigarette factory beverage factory. This product is widely used, the use of large. The face of this huge domestic tape market, which is the potential to invest in the production of tape. It is an ideal choice for the laid-off unemployed, second occupation and three industry

Adhesive tapes coating machine

Medium and small, personal investment tape plant for machine

Medium and small, personal investment tape plant for machine

High-speed automatic slitter machine

1. The machine parts control: centralized panel control, simple operation.
2. Using automatic control of tension, meter, correction, etc., with photoelectric tracking, automatic correction, speed control, automatic length and other excellent performance.
3. Three-stage length setting: three-section length count to ensure accurate coiling length.
4. Automatic exchange axis: After the winding operation is www.zlylo2o.completed, the two-axis automatic exchange, simple operation, high efficiency.
5. The use of arched wheel: Unfolding wheel for the unique arch design. Remove the wrinkles during the unwinding or feeding process.
6. Pneumatic brake: stop, you can instantly stop the tape, positioning accuracy, accurate labeling.
7. It has a reasonable structure, easy operation, reliable performance and so on.

Double-axis automatic cutter cutting machine >>

1. Simple operation control panel, each part control, centralized panel operation.
2. The use of silicon solution cooling system: to avoid the knife viscose, to ensure smooth cutting operation.
3. Travel to servo motor drive, with precision ball screw and line rail, cutter smooth travel, accurate positioning. High-speed high-precision, up and down at the same time double-axis operation (cutting width tolerance 0.1mm), high efficiency.
4. Hydraulic infeed, adjustable pressure, high stability.

<< www.zlylo2o.composite Polyethylene Bubble Film Making Machine

1. Widely used in electronic, instrumentation, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, car line, kitchen, furniture and paint products, glass products and precision instruments such as shock buffer packaging.
2. Can be made bubble bags, bubble kraft paper envelopes bags, car sun block, insulation seat cushion, insulation materials.
3. Through the addition of different additives in the plastic raw materials, it can be used for packing various electronic www.zlylo2o.components and www.zlylo2o.components such as boards and cards. It can prevent static electricity and can also be used as buffer for anti-static and anti-static air cushion films. Anti-vibration effect.

Aluminum foil www.zlylo2o.composite bubble film bag making machine >>

1. www.zlylo2o.composite material will be folded by the forming device, and then by hot pressing cross-cutting molding after cutting into a standard www.zlylo2o.composite bubble film bag.
2. With three sections of sealing, cutting performance, automatic traction lamination, the machine runs dry noise small.
3. Adopting advanced motion control technology, the machine is controlled by the, from the sheet unwinding to the sealing, folding, glueing, tracking, cutting and shaping. Accurate, reliable and reliable bonding, easy to understand easy to operate, is a high-quality special bubble film bagging equipment.